Friday, May 27, 2011

Monochrome Thursday

It's been an awful Thursday.
In the morning I was at the meeting with a delegation from China and instead of working as an interpreter I had to take pictures of the people. On my way home I was asking myself why I needed to learn linguistics at all if I could never get a job in the field.
Then my linguistics disappointment turned into photography disappointment. The reason was my friends (not really close ones) who I sometimes photograph. 
I hate when people endlessly send me messages about how badly they need a new profile picture and ask me to make them a new one immediately. It seems to me that most of them think I've got nothing else to do but just spend hours post-processing their pictures. I certainly would if photography was my job. But it's not. I've never been paid for a shooting so I cannot see why these people think they have a right to bother me night and day with stupid please-send-me-my-pics messages. And in the end I don't even get a simple "thank you". People have become too selfish and this is very sad. I don't want to waste my ideas and efforts on those who don't have patience and don't appreciate creativity. 
Here are a couple of self-portraits I took today (they always help me to calm down). I always prefer colour to black and white but today there's no colour left.